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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cast Iron Bath Tub Legs Turned Bookends

Over New Year's weekend, I visited an awesome warehouse in downtown Rockford that is chock-full of 100 year old+ architectural salvage items. We're talking doors, windows, shutters, fireplace mantles, gorgeous hardware, door knobs, drawer pulls, lighting fixtures, ceiling tiles...I could go on. Here is a sample of what I bought. The bathtub feet are right in the middle of the picture:

Outdoor Candle Holder

Old Bath Fixtures

Solid Brass Backplate
Many of these item are currently under restoration. The first project was to transform a pair of beautiful and elegant feet from a cast iron claw foot bathtub into beautifully functional bookends.

First, I cleaned the bathtub feet because they were very dusty. Then the wonderful Mr. Nitty Gritty used a wire wheel to make them nice and smooth. They turned out beautifully.

I primed them then painted them white. Easy peasie. Voila!

Sorry for the poor picture quality. Olivia has dropped my camera so many times, I am sure it is on its last leg. A new camera is in the future (hopefully).

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