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Friday, October 15, 2010

Vintage Suitcase Decoupaged with Sheet Music

After making two beautiful sheet music wreaths from all the lovely sheet music I bought off E-Bay, I found that I STILL had lots leftover. What could I do with it all? I was inspired by the fabulous Miss Mustard Seed (again) and her sheet music covered dresser, but I had no spare dresser to decoupage. But I did have an old vintage suitcase. I paid nothing for it, since it was given to me.

I adore vintage suitcases. They have so much more charm and appeal than the wheeled nylon ones we schlep through airports. Vintage suitcases remind me of the days when air travel (or any kind of travel, for that matter) was a little less rushed. Years ago, taking a commercial airline flight was a BIG DEAL, and people would actually get dressed up to fly and carry spiffy looking luggage like the piece show above.  In the 1960's, Braniff flight attendants wore uniforms designed by Pucci and Halston.

Today, most people just throw on a comfy pair of jeans or sweats and stuff whatever they can fit into a gym bag, plug in their I-pod earbuds and hop on a plane.

I previously used this suitcase in my decor before baby Olivia came along. I had it open with some old books stacked inside. I removed it from the living room because I was afraid that she would accidently slam the heavy lid down on her sweet little fingers. It had been sitting in my craft room for the past year and a half, beckoning softly, "Do something with me. Do something CREATIVE with me."

So I got it out again and gave it a good cleaning. I was surprised at how grimy it really was (eek!). I spread a thin layer of Mod Podge over one side and began applying the sheet music.

I used an Exacto knife to cut the sheet music away from the hardware.

I finished it off my selecting two of my favorite sheet music covers for the sides of the suitcase:

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  1. featured this on my blog today! :)


  2. you ruined that wonderful suitcase.

  3. yep, ruined that lovely navy blue suitcase. what a shame.

  4. my god, you ruined it :/



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