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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gratitude Tree

The Gratitude Tree encompasses several of my smaller projects including preserving leaves in glycerin, book page leaves, and needle felted acorns. I simply combined all three projects into one.

After recent storms brought down several branches in our yard, I was able to find a nice little branch to form our gratitude tree. I brought it inside and it hung inside my craft room for a while until I had time to do something with it. I tied the glycerin-preserved leaves to the now potted branch with wisps of jute. Then I added my felted acorns. Finally, I took some leftover book page leaves from my book page leaf wreath and wrote down things I was thankful for. I try to include my two-year old daughter Olivia in most of my projects and I asked her what she was thankful for. She thought about it for a minute and I prepared myself for her profound revelation: fruit snacks. Yeah, she's two. Fruit snacks are a big deal around here.

Linking up to the fabulous CSI Project.


  1. Very cute!! I love the felted acorns, and your 2 yr old daughter's love for fruit snacks. My oldest said strawberries and bananas one year... hey, whatever works, right? At least they're learning to be thankful ;)

  2. Very nice Lori. I may even put some of your ideas to use, you make it look easy with your step by step instruction. Thanks!



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