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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yellow Stool Makeover

My mom gave me this little gem when Olivia was born.

She had it in her house for her other granchild Carli, who outgrew it and now it is Olivia's. I was not too hot on the yellow, so I decided to paint her with leftover Heriloom White spray paint from my basket project. I was thinking about Mod Podging some scrapbook paper on the top, but I really liked the simiplicity and how clean it looked now that it was painted white. So I decided to stencil the letter "O" on the top.

First, I searched through the Microsoft font library until I found a font that I liked. The font for this letter "O" is called Edwardian Script. I printed out the letter "O" (size 350) on a piece of paper. I flipped over the paper and colored in the letter on the verso side of the paper with pencil. Then I flipped the paper over so that the penciled in part was touching the stool and used a wooden tool to gently transfer the letter onto the stool, taking care not to press too firmly into the wood.

The image was pretty faint, but I did not want to rub too hard and mark the wood.

So I went over the image again with a pencil so it would be easier to paint.

I painted over the penciled letter with Folk Art brand shiny black acrylic paint in Licorice (number 2715). I was pleased with the way the paint turned out. I thought that I would have to go over it again, but the black turned out pretty nice.

Once I was pleased with the way my "O" turned out, I sprayed Krylon Crystal Clear over the top to seal it. Here are the before and after shots:


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