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Monday, August 2, 2010

Trashday Treasure

Ahhhh. Trash day. My favorite time of the week. Isn't it yours? More curbside rescues, more pleas from my dear husband to do this after dark so that nobody sees me. Whaaaaat? How can I see the good stuff after dark? And I'm not carrying a flashlight, because then it would appear that I'm taking stuff that doesn't belong to me. Which I guess I am, but you know what I mean.

Dude on Oak Street has been leaving stuff curbside for weeks now. And every week, it keeps getting bettah. This time I scored a sweet basket and desk divider thing. The desk divider was perfect. I just wiped it down with a damp cloth and immediately put it to use on my desk. I see Krylon's Heirloom White in this basket's future. It is just the right size for storing toys.

Here is Olivia with our haul.


  1. Thank you for the sweet comment on Minor Imperfections!
    Very nice finds on trash day!

  2. Hey there!! I stumbled onto your blog tonight and love it!! I too am a trash lover=)) In fact, my gf's and I used to go out on trash nights, checking the curbs...we called it "Night Shopping"=))

    I'll be back!

  3. Hi, found you through Easie Peasie. I too am a junker and curb shopper. I do not post on my blog, but have you blog rolled so I can read about your adventures.



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