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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Michael's Grab Bag Yeah Baby!

Oh baby. I love it when my local Michael's store has a grab bag event. I just love surprises. I scored some really cute stuff the last time they had it and I decided to once again take the two dollar gamble. The bags this time were even bigger and heavier. I picked up a bag and thought to myself, "There's gotta be SOMETHING in here that is worth at least 2 dollars." I had to physically restrain myself from not peeking in the bag while I was driving home. Safety, people, safety.

So I got home with my loot and like a little kid, I dumped out the contents on the floor while Deadliest Catch reruns were playing on the TV. I love me some Captain Andy Hilstrand, ladies. Ch-ch-check him out. Discovery Channel. You'll see what I mean.

Anyway, the first thing that rolls out of the bag was a beautiful spring garland. Loves it! I rolled it into a wreath and promply put it on my front door to replace the Easter wreath that was currently there. Yep. I still had my Easter wreath up, people. What would Martha think? She'd think, "An Easter wreath in July is NOT a good thing." Well, Martha can be proud, because now my front door looks like this:

DEFINATELY worth 2 dollars. The next two things that came out were these nice pink glass beads. I know you can put them in the bottom of vases and such. Really kinda pretty, I just don't have a use for them now. And I don't display my vases in my living room anymore because I have a two year old. I put them in my craft stash and I'm sure I will have a use for them later.

The third and final grab bag treasure was...ummm...hmmm. I have no idea what to do with this thing and I'm sure the gals over at Michael's probably had a pretty good chuckle at putting it in the bag, pitying the poor sap that gets this monstrosity in her grab bag:
It's a topiary. It's a chicken. It's a topiary chicken. You can't see it in the picture, but the price tag said $19.99, people. Yeah. And those little white plastic daisies? Gorgeous. And the greenery half -falling off all over it? Sublime. Right now this little gem is sitting in my craft room while I ponder its fate. Garage sale? Goodwill? Gag gift? Oh, I think the possibilities are endless...


  1. Hey Lori,
    Thanks for stopping over at my blog and becoming a follower. I checked out your blog and I am in LOVE with those glass orbs your Dad found- you are one lucky girl to get your hands on those. Also I have an idea for that beautiful rooster topiary you got in your grab bag- spray paint it fire engine red and use it for a fourth of July center piece minus all the greenery.



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